Meet Dr. Kimberly D. Owen, a Dentist With Many Years of Experience

Dr. Kimberly D. Owen received a marketing and communications degree from the University of Louisville before advancing to the UofL School of Dentistry. Dr. Owen has been practicing since 2002, but her dream to become a dentist started when she was in the second grade!

Dr. Owen brings her passion for smiles and oral health that began at such a young age to Kirchner Dental of St. Matthews every day. She is personable, honest, and tries to make patients feel at ease. She treats her patients with respect and strives to do what is best for them and their overall health. She’s also not afraid to joke around to help lighten the mood.

Dr. Owen enjoys every aspect of her job. She loves that each day is different as she sees patients with unique needs, personalities, fears, and desires. She loves having the opportunity to discover these attributes and learning to be a better communicator and clinician.

Dr. Owen is dedicated to growing in her profession, which is one reason why she spends as much time as possible on personal development, meditation, exercise, professional development, and community service. She is also a lifetime qualified member of the Crown Council.

In her free time, Dr. Owen enjoys spending time with her sons watching sports. Her oldest attends Northeastern University in Boston, and her youngest attends Kentucky Country Day School.